BoxLox™ Box Anchor Installation Instructions


To install the BoxLox Anchors, follow these steps BEFORE inserting the support sleeve:

  1. One hole at a time, insert the anchors into the holes in the shell from the inside, with one anchor in one of the shells you wish to attach and other in the matching hole on the second shell. If you are connecting 2 long DrawerBoxes together, use the two holes closest to the front of the shell and the two holes closest to the rear of the shell. If you are attaching a short DrawerBox to the side of a long DrawerBox, the holes on the short shell will line up with the middle set of holes and either the rear holes or the front holes on the long DrawerBox. This will enable you to place the short DrawerBox either in line with the back or front of the long DrawerBox, depending on your preference. Do not use the center pair of holes in the long DrawerBox shells unless you are connecting them to the short size.
  2. Line up the legs on each anchor so they fit between the legs of the opposing anchor.
  3. Press firmly until you hear at least 4 clicks.
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining 3 holes. DO NOT USE LESS THAN 4 ANCHORS TO ATTACH THE SIDES OF 2 SHELLS TOGETHER. All 4 anchors are needed to provide enough strength.
  5. Insert the sleeve into the shells as you normally would.

Note that it is easiest to attach the shells in one complete row at a time, and then place the entire row on the stack. Then start on the next row. Always make sure the sides of the shells are lined up over the sides of the shell below it, so all of the inner support sleeves form a column.

Keep in mind that part of the design of the DrawerBoxes relies on the sleeves inside each shell forming a column when stacked on the unit below it. This column transfers the weight to the floor. So it is important that the shells remain lined up above one another. Additionally, because they tie the shells together, they will provide a more rigid column which improves stacking strength and lengthens the life of the shells.


Yes. The distance of the pre-punched BoxLox™ acceptance holes in the magazine size match the distance of the holes from the front and rear ends of the other sizes. The only difference is the height of the holes. You can easily drill new holes using the existing holes as a guide:

  1. Using a ruler draw a vertical line connecting from the center of the upper to the lower holes.
  2. Set the magazine DrawerBox™ shell beside the long or short DrawerBox you wish to connect it to, positioning it flush with the front or back depending on your preference.
  3. Place a pencil through the adjoining holes in the long or short DrawerBox and make marks on the vertical lines to indicate where the new holes need to be located.
  4. Using a funnel on the inside of the magazine shell to protect your hand, drill a hole at the marks you have made along the lines. This will provide you holes at the correct height.
  5. Insert the Boxlox Box Anchors through the holes in all 4 corners as you normally would.
  6. Note that the height of the holes on the magazine shell will vary for each level. It is necessary to repeat the above steps individually as you stack each DrawerBox on top of the one below.