BoxSort™ Upright Dividers

  • Prevent contents from falling over
  • Stop spine cracking
  • Create sections for different titles

You've probably had the same experience we have had with comics that kept sliding around and falling over when a long or short box is only partially filled, sometimes causing bent issues and small cracks in the spines. And you've probably tried to solve the problem by keeping the box as full as possible. But then, when you add issues, there is no room for them, which means you need to move comics from one box to another as your collection grows. No matter how many regular dividers you use, it's still a lot of work to keep your collection organized.

But now there is a solution….

BoxSort Upright Dividers actually hold your comics upright in the box and keep them from sliding around, no matter how few comics you have in it. And, as the drawer fills, the divider can be adjusted by moving it back, accommodating any quantity.

But here's the best part: By using multiple Upright Dividers in a drawer, you can even create sections for each title. If you prefer, you can even create open spaces between titles so you have room to add more issues later. BoxSort Upright Dividers can help you sort and keep your collection organized like you have never been able to do before.

We are so excited about this new feature that all drawers now include four Upright Dividers. All you have to do is order the optional BoxSort rails to have the BoxSort Upright divider system in any boxes you choose. *

Already have DrawerBoxes? Not a problem. We have retrofitting kits available so the BoxSort Upright Dividers can be added to any DrawerBox. Please note that the retrofit fits are designed for earlier style DrawerBoxes that came with the traditional rectangular divider. You do NOT need the retrofit kit if your DrawerBoxes have dividers with the slots on either side. *

* Note – BoxSort Upright Dividers and rails will only fit in genuine DrawerBoxes. They are not compatible with other brands of top loading long or short boxes.