BoxLox™ Box Anchoring System

  • No top box tipping
  • Improve stability for partially full boxes
  • Even better long term stacking strength

BoxLox™ Box Anchors are a unique system of clips that are only available with DrawerBoxes™. The clips attach the sides of the shells to each other, creating a unified bank in which each DrawerBox stabilizes the other. When a drawer on the top level is pulled open, it is held in position by the others without requiring something on top of it to counterbalance it.

And when BoxLox are used on the lower boxes, the clips will provide more stacking strength by securing the sides of the shells to each other and keeping the sides of each level centered properly above the sides of the unit below. This ensures that the support sleeves create a column, transferring the weight of the stack to the floor.

But we have not forgotten about the loyal customers that have already purchased DrawerBoxes in the past. Boxlox require heavier cardboard to work properly and DrawerBoxes have always been manufactured with heavier weight material to provide extra strength. Because of this, existing units can be easily modified to accept the BoxLox and we have templates we can make available upon request.

We think these improvements will ensure that DrawerBoxes will remain the best storage system available for storing your collection. Why would you accept any substitute?