A WORD OR TWO (Actually a paragraph or three)


Lately we have been inundated with requests for quotes to ship to countries besides the U.S.  Yet every time we calculate and send a quote we never hear from them again even though our order page warned that shipping is "very expensive".

How expensive?  The cheapest country we have found was just over $120 USD (that's in American dollars!) for a 5-pack of short DrawerBoxes.  And shipping can run as high as over $300 USD per 4 or 5 pack case to some countries.

Yes, we know that is outrageous.  That's what we've been saying all along.  But anytime a shipment goes over an ocean it is going to cost considerably more.

For those of you that are still not convinced, you can calculate the shipping for yourselves.  Go to and enter U.S. zip code 80216, then select your country from the pull down menu.  Select large package and 30 pounds, 8 ounces as the weight and 43" X 6" X 26" as the dimensions.  You will be given a variety of shipping options and add $5.00 to it so we can pay someone to take it to the post office (They won't pick up packages as large as ours).  But make sure you are sitting down before the rate comes up.

And yes, UPS and FedEx are considerably more expensive.

Some have asked us if there is a way to reduce the shipping cost.  We can do that by changing the design of our product.  We can make the drawers like our competition's, but then the bottoms may fall open or the seam tape might give when the drawer is pulled open like your competition.  And we can make the support sleeve shorter so it doesn't provide support for the shell when the 'drawer is opened like our competition.  And we can use thin light weight cardboard that won't last and may buckle like many of the decorated boxes.  But we're not willing to make those compromises.

If, after reading this, you are still seriously interested, feel free to e-mail us for a final quote and payment arrangements.